Our Services

Our Services
The Modern PMO is a New York City-based Consulting firm providing services that bridge the gaps between People, Process, and Technology.  Our strategic approach supports the implementation of your value-driven PMO and establishing a hybrid governance model that is crucial for successfully meeting the needs of today’s dynamic Project Portfolio.
We offer consulting and technical services within the following areas:

Project Portfolio Management
We are your Partner to define and implement your Organization’s unique PPM Vision and Strategy. If you’ve not yet made an investment we are your partner in determining the optimal solution for your company.

If you’ve invested in a solution and not achieving your expected results, we will work together to define what your business leaders expect to achieve from a PPM Platform. This will result in our strategy and implementation roadmap which accounts for Stakeholders across the entire Enterprise.  Once we’ve determined all of our PPM Inputs and Outputs we deliver information above and beyond only what is valued by Project Management.

We include:

  • PPM Platform implementation and configuration
  • Integration of data visualization tools
  • Executive reporting including KPI analysis and supporting dashboards/reports

Defining success is always critical, and together we determine what is the success of your PPM solution and deliver.

Investment Delivery
Project delivery is not the same today; with development teams taking a new tactical approach to requirements gathering, development, and implementation, from only a few short years ago. This can become even more complex when delivering on large-scale initiatives that require multiple cross-functional development teams each with their own tactical approach.
We refer to this as the bi-modal approach to Investment Delivery, software alone will not solve this business challenge. Our team has the proven successful strategies, framework and governance models to align people, process, and technology to achieve success in the bi-modal environment.

We include:

  • Training for PMO and project team members in the Bi-Modal work of today
  • Training in Capacity Planning
  • Implementation of Demand Management and workflows
  • Visualization of Application Rationalization data
Strategic Portfolio Optimization
Committing to a Project Portfolio Management solution requires both an investment of time and commitment to culture change. Our team provides thought leadership specific to increasing user adoption and working with your Portfolio Directors to support their linkage of company Goals and Objectives to each investment. These are several of the activities that will ensure portfolio optimization.These are keys to making informed business decisions based on data while maintaining the ability to pivot as required and deliver on high-value work with the greatest ROI.

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